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Pressure Washing

If you are tired of the green, let us make it clean

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Soft Washing

We provide best solutions for a clean home. Whether it be house, deck, or your gutters we can clean it all.

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Why choose Aqua Blast Pressure Washing

With over 5 years of experience, we are your trusted professionals

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House Washing

“Honey, Is the house washing done yet? I’ve been asking you for weeks!” We all know we should wash…

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Gutter Cleaning

Have you tried to clean the exterior of your gutters and they still appear to be striped or black?…

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Roof Cleaning

Is Roof Cleaning Necessary? In most cases where algae has grown on the roof, there is no risk to…

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Paver Cleaning/Sealing

When it comes to paver cleaning and sealing, you have a choice. You can either have your pavement cleaned…

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Welcome to Aqua Blast Pressure Washing

About Us

Here at Aqua Blast we pride ourselves on pressure washing in Marblehead, Ohio. We are your hometown exterior cleaning professionals. We pride ourselves on not being the biggest or the most well known, but the best exterior cleaning company in the area.  Our family owned business provides top quality work to both residential and commercial clients in a variety of exterior cleaning categories including roof, window, and gutter cleaning and soft/pressure washing. If you would like a quote to get started on your next project, click here. 323 Wilson Ave, Port Clinton, OH 43452 419-635-6961 As you can see…

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Household Chemicals

Household chemicals you should never mix When you are cleaning around the house be mindful of the chemicals you mix. We all want our…

Artillery Fungus

Overview of Artillery Fungus Artillery fungus is known as wood decay fungus. This type of fungus can affect the mulch. The main reason for…

Pressure Washing vs Soft Washing

Your Home’s Aesthetic & Care: Pressure Washing vs Soft Washing It is imperative that you keep the exterior of your home clean. It doesn’t…