Artillery Fungus

shotgun fungus on house

Overview of Artillery Fungus

Artillery fungus is known as wood decay fungus. This type of fungus can affect the mulch. The main reason for this is due to the spores the fungus produces. The shoots are known to grow as tall as 20 feet. These spores can land on cars and home siding. When the mulch is moist, artillery fungus grows and develops. The artillery fungus has a chance to develop if the environment for it is conducive. Many homeowners look for a reasonable solution to this issue. The main reason why artillery fungus is difficult to treat is since all varieties of mulch will grow this type of fungus if given a moist environment. For this reason, it is very important to understand the best methods for avoiding the growth of artillery fungus or shotgun fungus altogether.

How to Prevent Artillery Fungus

Artillery fungus can be prevented with proactive steps. For example, when trying to prevent artillery fungus from forming in the first place, rotate your mulch as often as you need to. This is the only guaranteed protection against the growth of artillery fungus. By rotating your mulch often, artillery fungus is not given the opportunity to grow and develop. If artillery fungus begins, the problem is likely to worsen without action. Therefore rotation is the most effective method for protecting your home, cars and other property from the spores. Rotation provides fresh mulch each cycle and limits the risk of artillery fungus growth.

Removing Spores/ Treatment and Care

When removing spores from the siding on your home, time is of the essence. If the spores are not removed right away, they will cause a sticky substance to form over them and make them extremity difficult at removing in the future. Some homeowners may try to scrape each individual spore off one at a time. If a scraper is used, it is important to do it quickly after the spores develop. When removing spores from cars, it is important to use substances that will not damage the car’s paint and finish. There are many different home remedies and treatments that have been shown to be effective at removing artillery fungus spores from property. Some of these include bleach and alcohol for spores on home siding and car wax and oil for spores on cars. However, the most effective method is removing them with a scraper one by one. This process can be time consuming and tedious.


When looking for the most effective artillery fungus treatment, prevention is cure. This means homeowners should be proactive and rotate their mulch on a consistent basis in order to avoid the risk of developing artillery fungus in the first place. When the fungus is not allowed to grow and develop in a most environment for an extended period, the spores will not pose harm to surrounding property. The main goal of artillery fungus is to manage it and make the right decisions that will protect your home, car and other property in the future.