Household Chemicals

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Household chemicals you should never mix

When you are cleaning around the house be mindful of the chemicals you mix. We all want our homes to be clean, but please don’t put yourself or others in harm’s way to clean. We have listed below a couple of the more common chemicals and their respective reactions. Obviously, this is not a comprehensive list, but I wanted to include a couple of the key points. If you smell something that is out of the ordinary, make the necessary steps to properly dispose of the mixture. Often the sink drain is not a good place.

1. Bleach and Ammonia

-Reacted it creates toxic chloramine vapor which is potentially explosive and possibly toxic

2. Bleach and rubbing alcohol

               -Reacted it creates toxic chloroform, which can give you a chemical burn.

3. Bleach and Vinegar

               -Reacted produce chlorine gas, which can cause breathing problems, coughing, and watery eyes.

4. Different types of drain cleaner

               -Each product has a chemical makeup different from the other, when mixed could possibly explode.

5. Hydrogen peroxide and vinegar

               -When combined they produce peracetic acid, which can irritate skin, eyes, and respiratory system.

As a reminder with any cleaning product instructions on the label should be followed. If you have any questions regarding household cleaning chemicals, please consult a local professional.