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Marblehead Ohio

Marblehead, Ohio

The Great Lakes are one of America’s most sought-after destinations. From Mackinac Island to the quick hop skip to Canadian ventures, the Great Lakes offer something for everyone. One of the most popular destination areas is Marblehead. Located in Northern Ohio, Marblehead is a historic town full of adventures for the whole family.

One of the main attractions in this Northern Ohio region is the Marblehead Lighthouse. It is the oldest lighthouse that continuously operates. The Marblehead Lighthouse has its own 9-acre state park surrounding it. It was built to help ships navigate through the Great Lakes, and is constructed of limestone which is native to the area. Beginning operation back in 1821, the lighthouse has had many upgrades over the years. Even with new technology, seeing this piece of history is a must when visiting Marblehead.

Many historic events during the Civil War happened in Marblehead and the surrounding area. One of the main attractions is Johnson’s Island Confederate Cemetery. Said to be a camp for captured Confederate Soldiers, Johnson’s Island was established in 1861. After only four years, the camp became dismantled in 1865. The cemetery was constructed in honor of the veterans who died in the camp from illness or execution.

Another main draw to Marblehead is the amount of activities it offers. Take the ferry over to the Lake Erie Islands. One of the main islands, Kelleys Island, has a vast history of limestone quarries and even has an area in the State Park where glaciers carved grooves through bedrock. Besides history, the Islands offer much more. Head over to Pelee Island to visit local wineries and vineyards. All of the Lake Erie Islands have State Parks for exploring and a few farms for some local goods. All in all, the islands have something for everyone, adding to the draw of the Marblehead area. Not to mention the relaxing sounds of waves crashing on shorelines.

If there is one thing Marblehead has a surplus of, its small, locally owned businesses. Try ice cream at Browns Dairy Dock. Rated the best dessert option in the area, Browns Dairy Dock has a sweet treat for all. Looking for fresh seafood on the water? Try Marblehead Galley, a local favorite that offers both indoor and outdoor dining. Or maybe just a quick bite and a game of pool? Head over to Jamestown Tavern right by the lakeside. Not only are there local restaurants, Marblehead also has local art galleries. Ferguson’s Gallery is known for their glass blowing demonstrations as well as paintings and coastal themed gifts. Desdemona’s Art Gallery also has its share of nautical and lakeside themed gifts and paintings. The local faire is full of charm and highlights the attraction of Marblehead.

Another key factor in the draw of Marblehead is the location. While having its own beaches and sights to see, there are many tourist destinations within minutes. Cedar Point, one of America’s largest amusement parks, is located in the neighboring area of Sandusky. Put-in-Bay, located on South Bass Island, is a popular destination in the area. While Marblehead is a destination in itself, its proximity to other areas cannot be overlooked.

Marblehead is a place for everyone. From the history buffs to the party goers, the nature enthusiast and the art fanatic, Marblehead is sure to impress any visitor. Lakeside beaches, locally owned restaurants and wineries, seasonably warm weather, Marblehead makes you want to visit again and again.