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Concrete Cleaning

The overall aesthetic of your house is greatly impacted by the concrete layered outside, just as much as the exterior itself. When years go by and the house along with the concrete surrounding it ages and experiences may different seasons along the years, the look can drastically change. Mud and dirt easily sets into the concrete, making it look old and unappealing, thereby devaluing the overall look of your home. With our services at Aqua Blast, you can save a ton of money on replacing the concrete around your home whether it be your driveway, sidewalk, patio, or front porch step. It’s a wonder what a simple cleaning can do to the feel of your house, which will be good as new when we are through with it.

Concrete cleaning is often overlooked. Many do not realize that new concrete should not be cleaned with high pressure for a couple years. The surface can be easily damaged. Instead we suggest a soft wash on new concrete for a safe cleaning. Our blog post helps to understand why. Most contractors are not aware of the damages they can do to the home with a simple cleaning. If you are not sure what technique you or the contractor should take, feel free to call/email/text us. Provided a few photos of the concrete we should be able to advise you the best direction to take for your project. We know that everyone has the best intentions for the home, and we are happy to help anyone who is struggling with a direction to take around theirs. If you want a quote on exterior cleaning feel free reach out here. If you aren’t comfortable or don’t have the time to call, we accept web inquiries as well!

Here at Aqua Blast we are a proud hometown exterior cleaning company!

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