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Roof Cleaning

Is Roof Cleaning Necessary?

In most cases where algae has grown on the roof, there is no risk to the roof. However, if the algae has grown below the root of the shingle it can be damaging.

Why You Want To Remove Roof Algae As Soon As Possible

The algae on your roof pose a lot of potential problems. First of all, there’s the unsightliness of it all. Next is the potential future damage to the roof’s structure.

Why trust the SoftWash Method for Roof Cleaning

As you know shingles are the most delicate forms of exterior protection. Pressure washing a roof is not recommended by any professional.

How Much Does Roof Cleaning Cost?

Professional roof cleaning can cost between 35 and 40 cents per square foot. This covers the insurance, detergents, equipment, and the labor to perform the services to your home.

Can You Prevent Roof Algae From Coming Back in the future?

Yes, we do offer a 1 year guarantee, however fixing the root of the issue is often times more preventative than the roof cleaning.

Why choose Aqua Blast?

We have the tools and the industry guidance to get the job done properly and effectively. Very few contractors in the area have the proper experience to perform this service.