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Wood Restoration

The wood around and inside your home is subject to change due to natural elements. When wood is not properly taken care of, it starts to age and wear down, its color fades, and it starts looking unappealing altogether. This makes it susceptible to attack by insects and mildew. When the inexperienced try to handle this kind of wood and deck washing, they often end up marring it and bleaching out its color.
In order to obtain the best results when it comes to wood cleaning and fence cleaning, it is crucial that professionals like the ones we have at our disposal use proper equipment to correct the psi of the wood and prevent any further damage.
Professionals as opposed to others: When restoring exterior wood, our goal is to remove 90% of the coating on the wood. The other 10% we will have to sand or use other techniques to remove.
We are a wood restoration company that at times uses a pressure washer as a tool, much like a carpenter uses a saw.
A pressure washer does not restore wood, it is only used for rinsing the restorative agents from the surfaces. As a
matter of fact, industry representatives often recommend no more than 1000psi be used on wood surfaces when using a
pressure washer. .
Many cleaning companies offer “deck cleaning or pressure washing” as a service and do not know or are aware of
the proper methods used to restore wood. You should be careful in selecting a company to care for your valuable
asset as damage can be costly and frustrating.
If you have any questions with the contractor you choose, please know that Aqua Blast is available to answer any questions. For our wood restoration clients we require several pictures of the surface so that we can accurately access the project. Our goal is to waste your time or ours.

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